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"Wisdom is knowing the right path to take...
Integrity is taking it."

Saladin has been known for his justice, moderation, intelligence and inviolable faithfulness to his word. Saladin was a devoted admirer of philosophy and science, and was thus much admired by both friends and enemies.

A fragrance as strong and regal as the man it is named after. An extract of gentle power that will leave an everlasting mark on thoose who smell it.

Fragrance Notes

Top Notes
Orange, Raspberry, Caramel

Middle Notes
Violet, Patchouli, Rose, Jasmine, Swedish Rosehip Flower

Base Notes
Amber, Musk, Vanilla

Perfumer: Alexander Olsson

Year of release: 2023
Concentration: Extrait de Parfum
Size: 100 ml/ 3.4 fl oz