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About the brand

ALEXANDER is a luxury perfume house founded in 2023 in Helsingborg, Sweden. Each bottle is handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail, reflecting the brand's commitment to quality

Alexander, the founder, grew up in Simrishamn, a small town on the south-eastern tip of Sweden.
His enduring fascination with scent led him to meet perfumer Sfean J.A. around 2016, when niche brands began to emerge in Sweden. 
The two quickly bonded over their shared passion for fragrance, culminating in the creation of ALEXANDER as a perfume house. Combining Alexander's creative ideas with Stefan's expertise, they created the unique fragrances that define the brand today.

At ALEXANDER, luxurious materials are blended to create an exceptional olfactory experience.
The fragrances offer a unique< fusion of Eastern and Western aromatic traditions, ensuring a distinctive and memorable scent.

The brand's vision is to encapsulate a piece of Sweden in every bottle. Accordingly, every ALEXANDER fragrance contains at least one note reminiscent of the Swedish landscape, fulfilling the brand's desire to share a touch of Sweden with the world.